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"I have a sore on my stomach, what could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a sore on my stomach, what could it be?


sore has been there for a week, and a rash on my stomach has started today


This is something that should be addressed sooner rather than later. Skin lesions can come from a number of different sources, but should not be ignored, as they can spread and involve other areas. A sores suggests that something isn't healing appropriately, which can be due to infection (an increased bacterial load), problems with the skin (intrinsic problems or something to do with pressure or repeated trauma to the area), or some other problem with healing (either systemic such as diabetes or even the effects of smoking). The new development of a rash suggests that new areas may be starting to be involved, and so speaking with your doctor soon is important to make sure that there is nothing that is spreading. Appropriate treatment early in the course of the process can alter the effects of whatever might be causing this later on. Please speak with your doctor about this condition and the next step to take.

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