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"I am having a hard time to lose weight, what could I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI am having a hard time to lose weight, what could I do?


My mom was on steroids during her preg with me, and since i was born premature, i was on them til 6 months old. My father kept me on a strick diet through out my youth to try to help me lose the weight that stuck from it. When I was 8, I was put into a very strict swim team that had us run for 4 miles every other day. I did it for two years, to no prevail. I moved to softball from there, and played catcher for 8 years, but it never helped. When I graduated, i've tried work out schedules, and i have lost 20 pounds in a 10 month period of time. I am 5'2 and weight 205 lbs. I can't seem to lose any weight that is substantial enough. I am getting married in july 2014 and I want to be at a healthy weight.


First of all, congratulations on your efforts to stay physically active and to lose extra weight. This is an important step to guaranteeing that you stay health and prevent chronic problems such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes down the road. My suggestion is that you get medical help to optimize your nutrition and weight loss. The fact that you were born premature is potentially significant here. There is some scientific data that suggests that people who were born prematurely are at higher risk for obesity, as well as chronic medical problems like diabetes and high blood pressure. At a minimum, this suggests that you are at higher risk than the average population, and the efforts you are making to maintain a healthy lifestyle are therefore even more important. Again, I would suggest that you get professional help to optimize your nutrition and weight loss. You might want to start by talking to your primary care doctor, who can refer you to see a nutritionist. The nutritionist will be able to analyze your weight loss goals and take a look at what you are eating. It is not just exercise but the combination of reduced caloric intake and exercise together that is most effective for weight loss, and the nutritionist will be able to help you set up a realistic meal plan.

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