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"I have had an immature esophagus since I was born. What could be the cause of it never "maturing"?"


I am now 17 and I still have this problem.


I'm not entirely sure what exactly you mean by an immature esophagus. It is the case that young infants and children often have immature muscular action in the esophagus, which typically leads to spitting up and regurgitation of stomach contents. As the child grows, this muscular action becomes more coordinated, and these symptoms typically resolve.

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There are also specific medical conditions, such as neuromuscular disorders, which could cause similar symptoms which persist throughout life without getting better. Whether or not anything like this might be going on in your case, however, is hard to tell without more information. The best thing to do would be to discuss the issue with your regular pediatrician or adolescent medicine doctor. They will be able to review your medical record and medical history and help give a more specific answer to your questions. They'll also be able to perform an examination and figure out if you have any ongoing issues with esophageal function (such as acid reflux, or sticking of food in the throat or chest) that might require further evaluation or treatment, such as medications for acid reduction or referral to a gastroenterologist for further testing. Call and make an appointment with your doctor today!

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