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"I had my flu shot now my lymph node above my R clavicle is painful. Is this a side effect?"

ZocdocAnswersI had my flu shot now my lymph node above my R clavicle is painful. Is this a side effect?


27 y/o female. In good health


Thank you for your question, and thank you for getting your flu shot. Every one of us that gets our flu shot helps the rest of us to stay healthy by decreasing our risk of getting it and passing it along! With regards to your question, it's hard to say exactly what the lymph node that you are describing is from. That is why I recommend you speak with your doctor about your concerns. In general, doctors tend to believe that a lymph node that is tender is generally good, because tender lymph nodes are more likely to be reactive. A reactive lymph node is one that is responding to an infection or some other cause of inflammation in the body. As nodes react, they tend to swell, become warm, and are tender, all of which is expected and normal. As there are other things that can make a node swell, it is important to be able to differentiate between normal nodes and nodes that could be signaling a more serious problem. Other signs can be used by doctors, such as fatigue, weight loss, night sweats, etc, which can provide information. While all of this may very well be a normal reaction, it could be more, so please speak with your doctor about what to do next.

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