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"What is going on with my females organs?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is going on with my females organs?


Yesterday i went to the er an was diagnosed with an ovarian cysts on my left side but the pain is on the right.Last month i haven't had a menstrual cycle but this month i have been spotting since october the first 2013 still currently spotting today.


Thanks for your question. Ovarian cysts are somewhat common problems that can occur in the female reproductive system. Your doctor will be able to provide more information about these, but they do not always require treatment, although they can cause intermittent abdominal discomfort. Within the abdomen, the location of the pain is usually very informative. This is because pain in one body part will usually transmit to a specific location, which can then be used to determine which part of the abdomen is abnormal. For example, right lower quadrant pain is classically one of the first locations for pain from appendicitis to show up. While there are exceptions and variations on this, this localization is very helpful for doctors who are trying to help you understand why you are in pain and how to help you. With regards to the pain that you are describing, the location of the ovaries and any pain that they can cause does not always have to correlate with the side of the ovary that is involved, in part because of the anatomy of the part of the abdomen where the ovaries are situated, especially if the cysts rupture. Please speak with your doctor more about this question.

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