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"My breathing has been odd lately, why?"

ZocdocAnswersMy breathing has been odd lately, why?


I am taking a lot of deep breaths and yawning. It seems common from what I have read online except that they all seemed to express a struggle. Mine is not like that. There is no strain, never need a breath and seek it, and my physical activity and sleep are fine. It just seems that my body naturally takes deep breaths (and yawns) as part of the "typical" respiration process as oppsed to say a few months ago and prior. I honestly wouldn't have noticed except a couple of people mentioned that I was sighing. Should I be concerned? Again nothing feels different beyond this except for the abundance of deep breaths and yawning.


Thanks for your question. It's hard to say why you would be yawning more than usual if you are getting an appropriate amount of sleep and feel well rested. It is quite possible that a person can develop reflexes that can be triggered by certain events, and it is possible that, for you, breathing deeply and yawning seem to be linked. As for why people take very deep breaths, it can be that your brain somehow is recognizing a need for increased ventilation, and is attempting to help you get that by taking deeper breaths without you even thinking about it. There are likely other possible explanations as well, but you would need to speak with your doctor about this to help explain it clearly and get you the answer that you need. He or she will have many other questions that will need answers before they can understand this fully, and they may need to do some testing as well. A pulmonologist may be a good place to start, as they can best test your lung function and capacity. Additionally, they can ask questions about respiratory problems most effectively. Please speak with your doctor about this question.

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