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"I have digestive, urinary, pelvic, heart, chest, neurologic, and throat issues. What could this be?"

ZocdocAnswersI have digestive, urinary, pelvic, heart, chest, neurologic, and throat issues. What could this be?


I have abdominal pain and tightness, a resting heart rate of 100 and about 160 at night with chest pain (used to be 77 about 3 weeks ago), a constantly inflamed cervix, white tissue in my urine, a reoccurring sore throat that is accompanied by yellow phlegm, dry red eyes, numb hands and feet and itchy skin. What could this be? I have been tested for all types of STDS, and had blood cultures to check for bacterial infections. I've had pelvic scans, MRi of the abdomen, and an endoscopy and colonosocopy. The situation is not getting any better, it is getting worse. I can't get an answer. Any ideas?


I'm sorry to hear that you are having such severe, persistent symptoms, still with no clear identified cause. In cases like these, I always advise finding a physician who you feel close to who can be your advocate and help you negotiate further testing and coordinate with specialist. Usually, this physician is your family doctor or your primary care doctor, but any other doctor who you feel you get along with really well can also play this role. I do have a few general thoughts that might be worth investigating with your doctor. It sounds like many of your symptoms could be caused by general inflammation in your body, and investigating the levels of "inflammatory markers" which can be checked with a simple blood test might be useful. If they are negative, then this helps to rule out a lot of things, such as hard to detect infections or various connective tissue or rheumatological conditions. One condition that comes to mind that might be worth considering with your doctor is something called Behcet's disease. This is a rare inflammatory condition that often causes a combination of sores and inflammations in the mouth and on the genitals or cervix. It can also be associated with eye inflammation as well as various neurological complaints. Again, please speak with your physician.

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