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I seen today that I have vaginal bumps on the outside which is located by the urethra area. What is it and what can I do?

I seen today that I have vaginal bumps on the outside which is located by the urethra area. They dont cause any pain or itch, it just worries me because I was tested for HPV about 2yrs agos but it was a really small strain that can go away which my doctor had told. And I also have a clear vaginal discharge that feels like a period but it stops certain times.
It is very hard to tell from a brief text question like this what exactly might be going on. Therefore, I do recommend that you consult with your primary care doctor, who can take a look at these bumps and help you figure out what they might be. Often, small painless bumps like the ones you are describing might be a normal skin variant. For example, sometimes some of the oil glands under the skin of the genitals might be very prominent and sort of "poke through" the skin. This is completely normal and doesn't require any treatment at all. Genital warts are definitely another possibility. These tend to be larger and more irregular and bumpy in appearance. Your doctor will be able to tell quickly if you have genital warts with an examination. There are a few sexually transmitted infections that can also cause bumps, blisters, or ulcers on the genitals. Herpes is by far the most common, although most of the time the lesions caused by herpes are quite painful. When you see your doctor, they will also be able to evaluate the vaginal discharge you have. It might be from a vaginal infection, or it might just be normal vaginal discharge.
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