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"Why does my underwear always smell?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does my underwear always smell?


I'm very cleanly, and my discharge is usually creamy white, but I notice that when I open my legs, a slight smell comes out. I've smelled my underwear and they usually smell odd. It gets bad especially after sweating and after my period. I really need help to see if this is normal or not and what I can do to fix it.


While most people will have some increased body odor in the areas of their genitals and under their arms, anything significant that does not seem to respond to appropriate hygiene should be discussed with your doctor. It is also important to clarify what the discharge is that you are describing, as continued discharge is not necessarily normal either. There are many very common bacteria that can cause abnormal smells and be indicative of an infection. Some of the symptoms can be very vague, and many people do not even know that they have these infections for a prolonged period of time. Speaking with your doctor can be helpful, as he or she would be able to test you to see if there is anything abnormal that is causing these symptoms. Additionally, a routine physical exam is an important part of well being for women of child bearing years, especially those who are sexually active. He or she will be able to test you for different causes of this smell, as well as suggest different things that might help with your symptoms and help to keep you healthy. Please speak with your doctor about this question.

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