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"My arms are sore all the time, what is wrong with me?"

ZocdocAnswersMy arms are sore all the time, what is wrong with me?


Hi i wake up in the night and mu arms and fingers are needles and pins. And my arms are sore all the time.


So sorry to hear about this. This is an interesting symptom to hear of, and can have either positional causes, anatomic causes or be something to do with a systemic problem. I recommend that you speak with your doctor. Most of us have some experience with positional pins and needles that can come after leaving your arm or leg in an awkward position for some time. This likely encourages blood flow to return to the area after a period of decreased blood flow. The same thing can sometimes happen for anatomic causes and explanations of your symptoms. Anatomic causes of numbness and tingling can have to do with decreased blood flow to a region, or even some sort of impingement on the nerves themselves. Thoracic outlet syndrome can cause that symptom in some people, and is more common in those who are working over their head with the arms frequently, such as electricians, pitchers, etc. It can sometimes require surgery to correct, although conservative measures such as physical therapy are often sufficient. Neuropathy due to nerve damage from systemic illness is also a potential cause, although this does tend to happen more frequently in the lower extremities when it is due to common causes like diabetes. Please speak with your doctor.

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