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"How long after taking tramadol can I take nucynta?"

ZocdocAnswersHow long after taking tramadol can I take nucynta?


I know the two interact, and I can't take them together. How many hours should I wait to take nucynta?


Both tramadol and nucynta are opiate pain medications with very similar mechanisms of action and similar side effects. As such they should generally never be taken together, and I would strongly advise against using both a tramadol and a nucynta prescription at the same time. What I would recommend is that you meet with your regular doctor who is prescribing these medications, whether that be your primary care doctor or a pain specialist. They will be able to evaluate your pain and help you figure out what is and what is not working to control it. One common situation that often occurs when treating pain, especially if it is a chronic problem, is that various "left over" prescriptions may accumulate at home. It is best to bring all of these prescriptions with you when you go to see the doctor, so that they can see what you have been taking in the past. Most of the time, it is advisable to throw away any old left over prescriptions, because it is not safe to take multiple medications from the same class of medications (like would be the case with tramadol and nucynta). Please call and make an appointment to see your doctor today!

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