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How much dosage of Alpha GPC should I take? And should I split it throughout the day?

Hello, I just had a question on the recommended dosage for a nootropic called Alpha-GPC. I have no mental disability, and am an undergrad at UC Berkeley. The recommended dosage says 600mg (2 pills- 300mg each), but would you recommend me taking both pills the morning I wake up (9:30am), or should I take one pill the morning I wake up and another later in the afternoon? - Thanks, Josh
Thank you for this interesting question. With any patient considering an over the counter supplement, it is critical to know the full details of their medical history as well as their other medications and supplements. Therefore, I recommend you schedule an appointment with a primary care doctor before beginning this supplement. Only after a more detailed review will it be possible to comment on its safety for you. Alpha GPC is often taken by patients to help with memory. Importantly, over the counter supplements are not regulated by the FDA like prescription medications. Studies have shown that supplements often do not contain the supplements they claim and may even contain known toxins. This can lead to severe medication interactions. There have also been multiple examples of supplements being removed from the market due to severe illnesses, including liver failure and death. Therefore, these factors must be considered before starting such a supplement. Additionally, it is important for a physician to review your reasons for taking a supplement. If you are having difficulty with concentration or memory, there may be an underlying neurologic, metabolic, or psychiatric cause for this, and it would be preferential to treat the underlying condition. Therefore, I recommend you schedule an appointment with a primary care physician to discuss these concerns.
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