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"I have sarcoidosis can I get treatment for my hepatitis C?"

ZocdocAnswersI have sarcoidosis can I get treatment for my hepatitis C?


I don't take any steroids i take imuran for the sarcoidosis, I never had treatment for hep c


Whether or not to undergo treatment for hepatitis C is a complex question that will require input from a gastroenterologist who specializes in treating the condition. Therefore, I would recommend that you set up a visit to discuss the issue. The doctor will be able to review all of your information and help you make a decision. The medications that are used to treat hepatitis C have a number of significant side effects, and so a careful review prior to beginning is very important. How severe your sarcoidosis is is one question that will need to be answered. For example, some individuals with severe sarcoid might develop significant heart or lung disease as a result of the sarcoid, and these might limit your ability to be treated for hepatitis C. At the same time, some of the medications that are used to treat sarcoidosis might cause a flare of the sarcoid, and so a careful discussion between your gastroenterologist and the rheumatologist who is managing your sarcoid will need to occur as part of the decision making process. Start by setting up these appointments, so that you can get your questions answered and determine whether therapy is a possibility for you.

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