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"Why am I experincing unexplained low grade fevers around 99.1 and higher? "

ZocdocAnswersWhy am I experincing unexplained low grade fevers around 99.1 and higher?


Last time I saw a doctor in August he just assumed it was virus but why would I am dealing with it now.


Thank you for this interesting question. In order to provide an accurate answer, I would need more information. I would need to review your entire medical history and perform a thorough physical exam. In addition, you may need other testing, such as blood work, chest x-ray, and cultures of your blood and urine. Only after collecting this information would it be possible to provide a diagnosis. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment with a primary care doctor to discuss this further. A persistent fever has many potential causes. Certain medications can cause fever through an allergic reaction. Tumors, such as lymphoma, can cause ongoing fevers. Depending on your history, you may require a scan to evaluate for this. Infections, either due to bacteria, a virus, or a parasite, can cause ongoing fever. Examples include malaria, tuberculosis, HIV, and Lyme disease. You may require basic blood work to evaluate for this. Rare disorders, such as Mediterranean fever, can cause ongoing fever. Other conditions, such as a blood clot in your leg or lung, can cause fever. Typically, patients with an ongoing fever undergo a basic evaluation, including blood work and cultures to rule out infection. I encourage you to see a primary care doctor about this issue.

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