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"Why is my knee still hurting almost four weeks after I hit it?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is my knee still hurting almost four weeks after I hit it?


Almost 4 weeks ago I was exiting a high vehicle when I slammed my left knee on the door frame with all of my weight. It hurt really bad but I just walked it off. I did have a bruise about an inch in a half in diameter that has shrunk to the size of a dime. The pain has gotten worse over time. When I walk, go up or down stairs and especially when I drive my car (manual).It is not unbearable but also not pleasant. No swelling or redness. If I lay on my back I can lift my leg with no pain but if I try to lift and bend my knee the pain is so sharp! Also, while laying on my back if I lift my leg and bend my knee a little with my had lightly on top of the knee cap, it feels almost like a really thick rubber band slowly stretching with occasional cracking and loud popping. Any clues of why It is still hurting ect? Please and thank you! : )


I am sorry to hear about your injury, and it sounds like the pain is having a significant impact on your quality of life. In order to provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment options, I would need more information. I would need to review your entire medical history and also perform a thorough physical exam, including a knee exam. Additionally, you may require other studies such as an x-ray or MRI. Only after collecting this information would it be possible to proceed. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to see an orthopedic surgeon. The knee is a complex joint with many structures that can cause pain when injured. You may have simply suffered a deep bruise that is taking some time to heal. There are many bursa, or fluid filled sacs, in the joint that provide cushioning, and injury to these can cause persistent pain. Some traumatic injuries to lead to fluid accumulation in the joint, which is called an effusion. You may have suffered a small fracture to one of the bones that comprise the joint. You may also have injured one of the ligaments in the knee, such as the ACL, MCL, or PCL. I encourage you to schedule an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to discuss your symptoms.

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