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"Do bruises show up on CT Scans?"

ZocdocAnswersDo bruises show up on CT Scans?


I just had a ct scan to check to see if my cancer is gone and want to make sure that the bruise won't show up in the scan


This is a great question and one that is best answered by your primary care doctor or oncologist who is treating your cancer. Unfortunately, it is very unclear from your description what type of cancer you have, where it is located, what type of CT scan you are having, or what bruise you are concerned about (ie did you have surgery for the cancer?) In general, CT scans show blood, foreign objects, and bone bright white, and other soft tissues along a grey scale. For instance, if you have a CT scan of the brain, the skull will show up white, and the brain and other soft tissues will be a varying shade of grade. Depending on the body part, the bruise you are concerned about may show up somewhat different from what would be expected because there is swelling in the bruise and perhaps some blood so it may show up differently. It is important that you discuss your concerns as well as the CT results with your oncologist or primary care doctor who will best be able to answer your question specifically related to your clinical picture and issues you have faced regarding your cancer treatment.

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