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"I just soaked a tampon in less than 10 minutes! What's going on??"

ZocdocAnswersI just soaked a tampon in less than 10 minutes! What's going on??


I've been on my period for a week now, and usually it gets lighter in the last days, but it's only getting worse... Help?


That is an excellent question. Based upon the limited history provided, it is very important that you go to the nearest emergency room to be evaluated as soon as possible, as this sounds like it may be a medical emergency. It is not normal to soak through a tampon in 10 minutes, and so it may be that you are hemorrhaging at a very high rate. For this reason, you should be evaluated to make sure that you do not have a blood coagulation problem and also so they can check your blood levels to make sure that you do not have a very low red blood cell count (anemia). There are several potential causes for this, but regardless of the cause, it is important that you go to the emergency department as soon as possible because this can be potentially very serious and bleeding like you describe could worsen and become life threatening if not dealt with in an urgent setting. Things to look for are whether the blood is clotting or does not clot, as that will be helpful for the ED doctors to know when they see you. They may give you blood and/or fluids when you arrive and check your blood pressure, as well as make sure your vitals are all stable.

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