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"How did I get PID?"

ZocdocAnswersHow did I get PID?


diagnosed with PID - have been with same man 8 years - so don't think it was carried that long - possible to "JUST" get it after 8 years of fidelity on both sides? I know I have not been with anyone else - This will make a MAJOR desicion in my life - my ex husband was a cheater, won't live like that agin - please help


I recommend that you schedule an appointment with your OB/GYN to discuss this concern. Pelvic inflammatory disease is a condition where an infection that often starts in the lower genital tract such as the cervix moves up into the uterus and Fallopian tubes. The infection causes symptoms of fever, lower abdominal pain, and sometimes vaginal discharge. Patients often will report extreme pain with anything inserted into the vagina. The infection can be caused by a few different bacteria. The most common types of bacteria that can cause pelvic inflammatory disease are gonorrhea or chlamydia. These are most often sexually transmitted. They first cause a cervical infection and if it goes untreated, it can result in movement of the infection into the uterus. The most feared complication from pelvic inflammatory disease is infertility. Scarring that can occur in the Fallopian tubes can result in difficulty conceiving. I cannot comment on what this finding means to your husband's fertility. There are (more rare) bacteria that are not sexually transmitted that can cause PID. Again, I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your OB/GYN so that you can discuss what bacteria caused your PID and how you might have caught it. You can discuss the treatment (if you have not already been treated) and how you can prevent a recurrence in the future. Finally, if pregnancy is desired, you might benefit from having a test to look for Fallopian tube damage. Good luck.

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