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"Can I get chlamydia from tongue kissing a person that's infected in the mouth?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I get chlamydia from tongue kissing a person that's infected in the mouth?


When I had chlamydia, me and my boyfriend had vaginal and oral sex. Now, I'm going through treatment and he isn't being treated. We kiss plenty of times and had sex with a condom. Can I get infected in the mouth again by tounge kissing him


I recommend that you discuss this question with your doctor. Chlamydia can be spread through oral sex, and other types of sexual activity. It is not spread through simple kissing, but other activities that involve genital contact of one sort or the other can spread chlamydia to other body parts, including the mouth and eyes. The good news is that there are simple treatments available that can help people from getting the long term side effects of a disease such as chlamydia. While many people with the disease do not have symptoms, there are long term side effects that can develop even in the absence of almost all symptoms. For that reason, if you are sexually active it is important to be tested to determine if you could have a condition that needs to be treated. Some sources suggest that about half of all sexually active young adults will contract a sexually transmitted disease before they are 30. In your specific situation, it is important that both partners be treated for chlamydia in order to make sure that you do not immediately contract the condition again once you have been treated. Speaking with the doctor that is treating you is an important step, and please have your boyfriend speak with his doctor as well.

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