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"Hi, odd question, is it possible to influence craniofacial development after 18 years?"

ZocdocAnswersHi, odd question, is it possible to influence craniofacial development after 18 years?


Though it may sound odd, I feel it is a legitimate question, I am a male and am wondering if elevated sex hormone levels can influence the broadness and development of facial features (male obviously) AFTER 18. Provided you also benefit from sufficiently elevated HGH and IGF-1 levels, and proper nutrition (Vitamins D, K1-2, Calcium). Can you really maximize the genetic potential by sufficiently elevated hormonal levels (Especially DHT, even if it might induce baldness), by taking into account that the facial bones do not "fuse" like growth plates? Purely aesthetic motives of course. Thank you for your input on this subject!


Thanks for your question. I recommend that you speak with your doctor about your question. Yes, there is some evidence that different types of hormones can exert effects on the structure of the face after the age of 18. For example, people with over production of growth hormone can have typical facial features indicative of the condition, and people with too much cortisol can also have different facial features. Your question about alterations in the bone is more difficult, as most of the changes that are experienced with these hormones has more to do with the soft tissue than true bony remodeling. For more aggressive intervention to change the actual shape of the face, it is usually necessary to look into a more aggressive surgical approach. This can include simple things such as fillers, and more complex approaches that involve the placement of implants or even drilling or fracturing of the bony skeleton. Some of the procedures that can be done to strengthen the jaw line will require protracted healing but can be quite effective. The more aggressive you choose to be, the more side effects and the longer the recovery is likely to be. Obviously, any of these decisions would require consultation with a surgeon you can trust. Again, please speak with your doctor.

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