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"I feel like I can't empty my bladder. I don't have UTI. If it's not an infection, what could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI feel like I can't empty my bladder. I don't have UTI. If it's not an infection, what could it be?


I am a 23 year old female. I felt lile I could not empty my bladder took fours of cipro (250mg 2x a day) and after no relief I went to doctet and thry said I had no uti after urine sample. After another week with no relief I made an apointment with my urologist but they cant see me for another week. The only symptom I have is feeling the urgency to go to the bathroom and when I do I feel like I cant empty it. Thanks :)


I agree that your symptoms sounded somewhat like a urinary tract infection. However, with the negative urinalysis and the lack of improvement after taking antibiotics, I think you will need a more detailed work up for why you are having this sensation when you cannot empty your bladder. I agree with the referral to a urologist. I think that your situation warrants a more detailed work up that only a urologist could provide. This should include the usual history and physical examination and possibly also a cystoscopy. This is a procedure that a urologist can perform in the office where they take a scope and look up your urethra into your bladder. The goal of this is to look for any abnormality that might be causing your symptoms of incomplete evacuation of your bladder. Another test that might be needed is a urodynamics study that can also be done in the urologist's office. This study can show if you have urge incontinence which is a type of bladder muscle contraction problem. Only after this detailed examination do I think we could make a determination as to why you're having these symptoms. There is any number of reasons why this could occur. Please speak to a urologist. Good luck.

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