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"I have an itchy pink rash on my pubis, what could it be?"


I have a very itchy rash on mons pubis. It's more of a pink rash.. Starts out barely there, but of course I scratch it and it becomes more pink. It's only on my mons pubis.. Doesn't go down further than that. It's not scabbed at all and there doesn't seem to be individual bumps. It kind of looks like the allergic reaction I randomly get on my face/neck when I eat something I'm allergic to, so maybe it's allergies? Please help.. Have a doctors appointment in a few days, but want to put some scary thoughts to rest (hopefully)


This is a good question. Be sure to keep your appointment with your primary care doctor or ob/gyn that you have scheduled in a few days so that you can have a complete history and physical and testing if needed. From what you are describing it is definitely possible that you are having an allergic reaction to something your skin has been in contact with, such as a new pair of underwear or lotion.

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The medical term for this is contact dermatitis. Another possibility is razor burn if you shave your pubic area in this region. Be sure to always use a clean sharp razor. Anyone who is sexually active needs to be concerned about STDs, such as pubic lice, so be sure to mention your sexual history to your doctor as well. In the meantime before your appointment it is very important that you do not scratch the itchy area as this can lead to breaks in the skin and infections. Try to keep your nails very short so that if you do find yourself scratching there is less chance of a break in the skin. Also, keep your skin from drying out by taking short, lukewarm showers and pat drying with a soft towel. Again, please discuss this with your doctor.

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