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"Will glasses help my lifeguarding?"

ZocdocAnswersWill glasses help my lifeguarding?


I lifeguard 6+ hours a day at an indoor pool. The pool has a ton of glare because I sit on an elevated chair about 6-8 feet above the water and the lights are directly above the pool. Also due to the fact the pool is indoors their is lots of chlorine in the air, so I get done with work and have eyestrain. Is there anything I can do to prevent it? I get a 15 minute break every 15 minutes or a half hour break every half hour. Or I work a 2-3 hour shift solo if the other lifeguard doesn't show up which happens too often. But I do get plenty of breaks. Towards the end of my shift my eyes start to burn, and or unfocus, also they tend to cross alot. My vision is normally 20/20 but would glasses help my situation? I need help for my sake and for the pool users safety. Thank you


Thank you for being concerned and dedicate to those whom you serve. It is not clear that glasses would help you if your vision is already 20/20. This is excellent vision, and should be sufficient for the job that you have to do. Your question does seem to involve the environmental exposures that you are suffering from, both with regards to the glare and the chemicals in the air. I recommend that you discuss this concern with your doctor. While glasses may not help with the chemicals, polarized lenses may be able to help with the glare that you are describing. This is something that you could experiment with, as polarized lenses are available over the counter and may provide some benefit towards reducing eye strain. With regard to prolonged chemical exposure, each business residence is required to follow certain safety protocols to make sure that consumers and employees are safe during routine use. While chlorine is a normal product used for cleaning, if you feel that it is affecting your overall health, then you should speak with your doctor to determine both what can be done about it and also whether or not there is something that you need to do about your health now. Please speak with your doctor.

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