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"I can't eat comfortably with 24hr Esophageal Ph Test tube in. How can I deal with this problem?"

ZocdocAnswersI can't eat comfortably with 24hr Esophageal Ph Test tube in. How can I deal with this problem?


I got one of those ph test tube things in this morning and i just tried to eat and the food felt like it got caught up in my nose and my throat and was blocking my nose from oxygen so i couldn't breath out of it, and my eyes were all watery and stuff. I tried again holding my breath with no result. There's no way i'm eating unless i can fix this! Ideas? :(


Thank you for your question, and so sorry to hear about the discomfort that you are experiencing. It is not uncommon for patients to have some discomfort when the pH probe is in place. In most situations it is something quite mild and is somewhat more of an annoyance than anything else, but there can be exceptions. When you consider that your esophagus is a thin tube that connects your mouth to your stomach, it makes sense that anything that shares this small space with the food bolus will seem uncomfortable. I recommend that you discuss this with your doctor, who will usually have provided some instructions with regards to diet and how to help relieve the discomfort. While there are instructions that are available online through a quick search regarding patient instructions while using a pH probe, it is always best to speak with your own doctor about the symptoms and the questions that you are having, as he or she may have some specific advice. It is not uncommon for doctors to provide some written instructions, and these can be referred to for further instructions. Sips of water may help to relieve the irritation. Also, the fact that it will be removed shortly may provide some relief. Again, please speak with your doctor.

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