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What can cause constant abdominal pain on your left side about six inches from your navel?

No naseaua or vomitting, no change in bowel habits, extreme tiredness, frequent heartburn, a constant pressure like pain on a level of 1 to 10 its a consistant 8. Pain not relieved by sitting, standing, or lying down. Male patient
I recommend that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. One of the most important factors in determining the cause of your pain is exactly where it is. 6 inches from the navel could mean 6 inches up, 6 inches down, or 6 inches to the right or left. Each of these different directions gives me an entirely different list of possible conditions. If your abdominal pain is is 6 inches above your navel, then I would say that the most likely cause of your pain is acid reflux or potentially gastritis. Acid reflux is a frequent cause of heartburn and occurs when the acid in your stomach moves up and the esophagus where it's not supposed to be. Gastritis is inflammation of the stomach lining, which is very common usually caused by stress along with excess acid production. If your abdominal pain is on the right side of your abdomen than it could be secondary to your liver, pancreas, gallbladder. If it is on the left side of your abdomen, then it could be constipation, or something called diverticulitis. If it is directly below your navel, then this could be indicative of a urinary tract infection. I would suggest that the first of these is probably the most likely in you (acid reflux). Again, I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician to determine the cause of this pain.
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