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"Why I having pain when taking breath after sleeping?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy I having pain when taking breath after sleeping?


Off and on, I'll get pain that only occurs after sleeping at night in my stomach that sometimes feels like it radiates to my back. The pain is a dull ache pain that sharpens when I take a breath in. I also noticed that I will usually feel bloated that morning when it happens and have some stomach issues. As soon as I get up out of bed the pain does go away though. Makes it hard to sleep in, once awoken from the pain. It seems to come and go for weeks or days at a time and then disappear. Not entirely sure, but seems to be made worse when I eat unhealthy or large quantities and after doing squats or deadlifts at the gym.


Thank you for this question. Abdominal pain is something that cn come from a number of different causes so it is important to speak with your doctor. One of the things that doctors use to help them determine what is most likely to be causing the pain is the specific location of the abdomen from which the pain is coming. For example, pain in the right lower quadrant is often considered to be an appendicitis until proven otherwise. Rather, appendicitis is considered high on the list of possibilities of what could be causing the pain in that area, and steps are taken to prove or disprove that hypothesis. In your situation, as the pain radiates into your back, there are only a few things that are likely to cause this sort of pain. Some of the things that can cause back pain are certain parts of your bowel, your kidneys, and a handful of other things (sometimes described as retroperitoneal, due to their location within the abdomen). While many other problems can spread and involve pain in the back as well, those are some of the first things that come to mind. It is important to speak with your doctor about any persistent abdominal pain, so please speak with your doctor.

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