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"Why my eyes are swollen?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy my eyes are swollen?


antibiotics have not worked


There are several reasons why a person's eyes can be swollen. I recommend that you speak with your doctor. One of the more common reasons has to do with allergies, as it is quite common for people with allergies to environmental things to develop allergic conjunctivitis. This is something that can be readily tested, as you will be able to suggest things that may have changed in your environment that could have lead to this swelling (such as a new pet, new soap, change in seasons, etc). Allergic conjunctivitis and allergic shiners, etc, are more common among those with a history of atopy, or allergies, asthma, eczema, etc. In addition to allergies, there are other things that can cause eye swelling. Medication changes can sometimes cause edema everywhere, and can lead to eye changes too. There are some medical conditions such as Grave's disease that can lead to swelling in the eyes as well, sometimes described as bulging, that may require treatment to help the eyes stop being so visibly protruded. Changes in blood flow, lymphatic drainage, scarring, etc can all lead to problems with swelling near the eyes as well. Also, sinus infections can cause swelling under the eyes. As there are many different possibilities, please speak with your doctor.

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