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"Why do I have such bad stomach pains, constipation and blood in my stool?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I have such bad stomach pains, constipation and blood in my stool?


I have unbearable stomach pains at times where lying on my stomach is the only thing that will help. I also have very difficult bowel movements. my stool is quite large, hard and difficult to pass. sometimes I bleed profusely after and other times there is actually blood in the stool itself. what could this mean?


I am sorry to hear about your symptoms. In order to provide an accurate diagnosis, a doctor would need to collect a full medical history and perform a detailed physical exam, including a rectal exam. It is very likely you will also need additional testing. Only after collecting this information will it be possible to provide an accurate diagnosis. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment with a gastroenterologist to discuss this further. Abdominal pain has many potential causes. It is possible you are suffering from an ulcer either in the stomach or the duodenum, which is part of your intestine. Some bacteria can cause ulcers, and you may require a course of several medications to eradicate this bacterium. General irritation of the stomach can also can pain. You may be suffering from inflammatory bowel disease, which can cause blood stool. Immunosuppression is often required to treat this. Severe constipation can cause abdominal pain as well as bleeding if it exacerbated underlying hemorrhoids or an anal fissure. Your doctor would need to collect more information to determine the specific cause of your symptoms. Depending on this evaluation, you may need to undergo an upper endscopy or colonoscopy. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to see a gastroenterologist.

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