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"Can I take a beta blocker when I have high pressure peaks?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I take a beta blocker when I have high pressure peaks?


I suffer a period of anxiety and my high pressure rises very much.My wife syas beta blockers are dangerous for one off,but i want know why exactly the one off taking is harmful?


I am sorry you are experiencing these periods of anxiety. I strongly encourage you to consult your physician to help determine safe ways of coping, either with our without medications. In general, your heart rate and blood pressure respond to multiple signals. During periods of anxiety, signaling through your sympathetic nervous system increases, which causes both a rapid heart beat and high blood pressure. Typically, the best treatment is to identify non-pharmacologic ways of controlling the anxiety itself with the help of your physician. In some cases, patients are prescribed drugs such as benzodiazepines to take prior to rare events that are known to cause anxiety (such as public speaking). Beta blockers are occasionally used in these circumstances. Beta blockers can affect both your blood pressure and heart rate. If taken at too high a dose, they can cause dangerous drops in your blood pressure or heart rate that could lead to death. In addition, if you blood pressure is elevated out of proportion to your heart rate, this could also cause a dangerous drop in your heart rate. Beta blockers can also be dangerous for individuals with lung disease, as they can cause increased constriction of your airways. They can also cause fatigue and sexual dysfunction. Without knowing your full medical history, I cannot determine what specific dangerous beta blockers pose for you. However, it is critical that you do not embark on this self-therapy without consulting your primary care physician first.

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