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Nexplanon implant is bent but not broken, should I be worried?

I got the nexplanon implant about 2 months ago and now when I apply light pressure to the middle it feels like it bent but than goes back to normal. Should I be worried? And will this affect dosage of the hormones? Should I get it taken out?
Thank you very much for your question. I recommend that you schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor, other OB/GYN, or local health care center. The nexplanon implant, as you likely may already know, is an implantable hormonal birth control device that has etonogestrel as its primary active ingredient. Etonogestrel is a progestin hormone that helps your body regulate its ability to conceive. Nexplanon also has a core of barium sulfate that allows it to be radio-opaque (visible on X ray or CT scan for easy detection). It is unclear whether a bent nexplanon device would affect its ability to effectively deliver the drug to your body in a safe manner. It may be that the device is not bent at all but is just how you perceive it. The best plan of action would be to speak with the doctor who placed the nexplanon. It is not possible to receive a diagnosis or a definitive treatment or management plan without being evaluated by a doctor or other qualified health professional. I suggest that you make an appointment to see the doctor who implanted the Nexplanon, or if they are unavailable, schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor, other OB/GYN, or local health care center for further evaluation. They would be best equipped to counsel you on the appropriate next steps.
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