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"How can I relieve my headache?"


I have had a pretty persistent headache for just about a month now, mainly pain above the eyes, pressure under eyes and especially corner of the eyes/bridge of nose. It's like a pressure/pain which is worse when I press on it. It alternates over eyes and is usually temporarily relieved with head (shower, steam, hot water bottle etc). I've seen my GP who prescribed me Nasonex and told me it was my sinus' (although I have no congestion), however it's been over 2 weeks now and it hasn't really helped. I have another appointment booked for the end of this week but it's driving me crazy and I just wondered if you have any ideas what it is/ how to relieve the pain? I also have very tense muscles in my neck. Thank you!


Thanks for your question. I recommend that you speak with your doctor about your continued symptoms. Sinus headaches can be described as a dull pressure and pain that can change slightly with position.

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Usually they are not sharp in quality, and are most of the time described as more of an ache. They are more common after a cold or other viral illness, and often require antibiotics and sometimes even a short course of oral steroids to resolve. Nasal saline irrigations are also quite helpful for many people, and are often recommended by doctors. These infections are usually best diagnosed with some sort of imaging or examination of the nasal airway itself with a scope. Most often, this is not necessary unless at least a week has passed with persistence of symptoms. An ear nose and throat surgeon (aka, otolaryngology- head and neck surgeon, aka, ENT) is probably the best situated to help you know whether or not your current symptoms stem from a sinus infection. It is interesting to note that nasal congestion may not necessarily be present in all sinus infections. There are many other potential reasons for the pain and headache that you describe, however. Please speak with your doctor about your continued symptoms, and see if a referral is appropriate.

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