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"Is a one-day sore throat contagious? "

ZocdocAnswersIs a one-day sore throat contagious?


Sometimes I get a sore throat that only lasts one day. Is that like a mini cold and will my bf get it if I kiss him? I want to kiss him if he comes over, but he was just sick for like 2 weeks and I don't want to get him sick again.


Thanks for your question. It is hard to say what is causing this brief sore throat that you describe, and it is therefore hard to say whether or not you would be contagious. If it is a bacteria or a virus that is affecting you, then there is every reason to expect that you would be able to share these bugs with him via shared contact. The fact that you tend to improve in 24 hours suggests that there may be something else that is causing these symptoms. There are many things that can cause sore throat, such as trauma, acid reflux, infections, post nasal drainage, and others. Most of these will also have some other associated symptoms that can help to clarify what is the cause of your problem. When you speak with your doctor about this question, he or she will be able to help you understand why you are suffering from these recurrent sore throats, as it is not normal for you to have this on such a repeated basis. He or she may recommend some treatment, or may want to test you to determine if you are a bacterial carrier. Please speak with your doctor.

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