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"I have blood in the back of my throat, what could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI have blood in the back of my throat, what could it be?


it been like that for a couple of weeks dont think i have any other related symptoms possibly head aches but not certain


I am sorry to hear that you have blood in the back of your throat that has been present for the past couple of weeks, and that it has you worried as to what might be going on. I am going to ultimately recommend that you make an appointment with an ENT (Ear Nose Throat) physician, aka otolaryngologist, to get evaluated. They will be able to take a thorough history and examine you, including possibly doing a scope exam in the office to determine the source of the bleeding. Without being able to examine you and ask you more questions, it will be impossible for me to tell you exactly what is going on. Nonetheless I will give you some of my initial thoughts. I am not sure if you are prone to getting nose bleeds, but depending on the weather and humidity outside where you live, it is not uncommon to have the mucosa dry out inside your nose and crack, which can cause bleeding. It is possible that there is blood coming down from the back of your nose into your throat. If you have a cough, the blood could be coming up from your lungs. It is also possible to have a GI bleed that could cause blood in the back of your throat. Lastly there could be something more sinister going on (such as a cancer), all of which an ENT should be able to examine you for. I wish you all the best.

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