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"I'm experiencing mild pain in the lower abdomen. What should I do?"


I am experiencing mild tender bit achy like pain in the lower abdomen. it is not extremely sore but it can get quite annoying. It does feel like it is all over the area at times from just below the belly button right down to the ovaries area.but can mainly be the right hand side and the ovaries. its tender when I poke around especially the lower right hand side and the ovaries. I do have my period at the moment and have for 5 days now which I usually go for about a week or just over, but usually round this time I don't hardly notice pain or anything. I suddenly got this twinge last night so now its been about 24 hours. and during sleep last night it didnt bother me at all. it hasn't gotten any worse or better and it twinges if I move a lot more compared to if im sitting down. I just started fluoxetine a week ago 2morrow, for OCD/anxiety/depression so I dont no if that has anything to do with it. I am not sure what to do or if its serious..


You are a woman who has abdominal pain mainly in the right lower abdominal region. There could be a number of different conditions that could be causing your symptoms, so it is important to make an appointment with your primary care doctor. Though you are on your period right now, it is still important to perform a pregnancy test since pregnant women can have bleeding as well.

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The structures that are in the lower abdominal region are your ovaries, appendix, bladder, and colon. Ovaries can have cysts that can cause intermittent pains especially during a menstrual cycle. The ovary can also have torsion which is when the ovary twists on itself which can cause pain. The appendix is a small extension of your colon and it can be inflamed or infected. When this occurs, it is a medical emergency. It is usually associated with severe pains, nausea, and sometimes fevers. The bladder could also be involved in your lower abdominal pain. A bladder infection from a urinary tract infection can cause mild pains in the the lower abdominal region. Infection of the colon such as colitis can also present with abdominal pains. You should make an appointment with a primary care doctor to get checked out soon. Your doctor may do basic lab tests and possibly imaging if needed.

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