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"I've had bad neck/shoulder/arm pain for two months. What can I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI've had bad neck/shoulder/arm pain for two months. What can I do?


Schwannoma removed from L-spine 2yrs ago. Two mo. ago arm/neck/shoulder pain started. EMG lst wk was normal. Had MRI, may be normal too. In ton of pain—no answers. My neurologist is little help(a resident). She doesn't know what she's doing. No insurance-I'm with a research hospital. Pain behind my ear, dizzy, upset stomach, disoriented too. Pain behind my ear=1yr. Is on right side with the arm/shoulder/neck pain. Won't do an MRI of brain. If I need that? Help!!! Reaching my end.


So sorry to hear about your horrible symptoms. Neck, shoulder, and back pain can be very common and very problematic for many people. It is also frustrating when you have a doctor who you feel does not understand your problem. Unfortunately, these problems can be augmented if you do not have full access to some of the medical resources that you would otherwise want to use. As for the symptoms that you are describing, there may be some value in speaking with a pain management specialist as well as physical therapy. A pain management specialist may be able to recommend local treatments that can help to provide some relief. A physical therapist can help you to adjust and minimize your pain by improving your over all well being and ability to compensate for the deficits that you do have. Also, if needed, it is usually possible to request another doctor, even at research facilities like the one that you describe. Finally, if all else fails (and before then, ideally), speak with your doctor in more detail about your problem and work to get a solution that you both can agree upon and helps you to feel better. Please speak with your doctor.

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