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"Dry lips, mostly inner corner kinda flaky/peeling - what can I do?"


14 year old female. No pain.


Thanks for your question. Dry and flaky lips are quite common. I recommend that you speak with your doctor.

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As the interface between the regular skin and the mucosa of the mouth, they represent a zone of exposed tissue that can be sensitive to routine trauma that is usually well tolerated by the mouth or the skin. The skin, for example, is well designed to hold in moisture and protect against routine trauma by shedding regularly. The mucosa of the mouth is designed to secrete moisture and to heal rapidly in event of trauma. The lips are a transition zone between the two, and are exposed to unique types of injury. The first step in helping the lips is to maintain a good hydration status by drinking lots of water. Most often, conservative care of dry lips with products that help to trap in moisture will be sufficient to allow the normal healing processes of the body to help correct whatever else might be causing the problem. If both of those first things fail to help, then it is good to think about other causes of persistent flaking of the skin or lips. While cancer is one uncommon possibility, nutritional deficiencies can also cause lip problems. Please speak with your doctor.

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