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"Has my orbital floor blowout fracture pain gotten worse?"

ZocdocAnswersHas my orbital floor blowout fracture pain gotten worse?


I had a CT done three days after initial trauma at ER while extreme swelling, black eye were present. I was referred to plastic surgeon who did a very quick examination and said see me 2 wks.. No antibiotics given at this time which was a wk & 1/2 after occurrence. Injury on 10/1 today swelling & black eye almost gone. numbness in cheek, lip, & teeth still present, but I have so much pain. No matter how I lay or move it hurts &aches in eye socket,cheek,sharp pain from cheek bone shoots to lip, &any movement of nostril sends shooting pain. there is a lump on the eyebrow but doesn't hurt. full range of motion of eye,vision appears normal, eye has small redness,&green phelm coughed up.cheek does seem slightly puffy & headache most of the nose blowing,&no touching of it. Why pain?is something wrong? I cant sleep b/c severe shooting pain & constant throbbing pain, and hydrocodone = nausea riding incar, watch tv or read I feel like motion sickness. Help any ideas?


So sorry to hear about this serious pain that you are describing. Facial trauma can be quite painful, and is especially bad because of the fact that it is always present due to its location. I recommend that you speak with your doctor about your concern. It becomes something that is difficult to forget, and patients can focus on the trauma quite a bit. With regards to most orbital blowout fractures, the key points to consider include the eye, which is why I am glad to hear that you have full range of motion of your extra ocular muscles. If that changes, or if there are vision changes or anything else concerning, it is important to speak with your doctor or return to the emergency department as soon as possible to make sure that your eye is fine. With regards to the pain itself, it is common for this sort of pain to get worse before it gets better. While that is true for the first few days, it would certainly be expected that this pain would start improving by this time, as you imply a few weeks have passed. If you feel that your pain is no better and is perhaps worse, it is important to speak with your doctor. Please discuss this with your doctor.

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