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"Which fruit burns or absorbs more fat, an apple or an orange?"

ZocdocAnswersWhich fruit burns or absorbs more fat, an apple or an orange?


Because i'm on a weight loss diet so I want to know which fruit should I eat so that burns or absorbs more fat from my body


Apples and oranges are similar in nutrition content. As fruits, both have fairly good amounts of fiber relative to most processed foods, which is good for normal bowel motility. A high fiber diet along with exercise and good hydration can decrease your chances of constipation. Apples and oranges are largely composed of carbohydrates in the form of simple sugars. They have low contents of protein and fat. A single medium size orange or an apple will have somewhere between 50 to 100 calories, most of which is from the sugars. Neither an apple nor an orange will absorb or burn fat from your body. The value of eating a fruit as a snack is that they have a relatively low calorie content per volume of food compared to many processed high energy density snacks offered in most supermarkets. In other words, the value of eating a piece of fruit is that a single apple or an orange could in theory be a filling snack while taking in approximately 100 calories. This is lower than eating cookies, energy bars, sodas or candies, which can have several hundred calories per serving. If you are attempting to lose weight, please see your primary care doctor or a healthcare professional who can provide you with the appropriate nutritional information to help you lose weight in a safe and healthy fashion. It is important that you continue to get an adequate diversity of nutrients while taking in fewer total calories. Your doctor may provide you with the support of a nutritionist or dietician who can go over food and meal education to help you achieve your goals.

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