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"Could bad oral hygiene cause a yeast infection?"

ZocdocAnswersCould bad oral hygiene cause a yeast infection?


My girlfriend got a yeast infection and is blaming me for it. I performed cunnilingus and other sexual acts that might have caused it, she seems to think this is due to bad oral hygiene. I brush twice daily and want to be sure that simply "plaque" or lack of brushing, would not be the cause of the infection.


Sorry to hear about your problem and I recommend that you speak with your doctor regarding this question. While your actions may have contributed to her yeast infection, it is not likely that your oral hygiene was at fault. Yeast infections are most often thought to originate from either a decrease in the body's ability to fight infection (as with people who have serious medical conditions such as HIV) or due to a change in the natural bacterial flora. In other words, we all have bacteria all over our body. These bacteria are known as colonizers, and can actually be beneficial to us by keeping more harmful bacteria and fungi away. Candida, the yeast that is most often responsible for a yeast infection in the female reproductive tract (and most other yeast infections, for that matter), is one of the fungi that is everywhere. Even when women don't have yeast infections, they will have some level of this fungus in their bodies. Usually, it does not have free reign to grow and cause problems, but when the bacterial flora is disrupted, either with antibiotics or with other things, this can allow one organism to overgrow the others and lead to problems. Please speak with your doctor more about this question.

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