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"What could cause pain on the right side of my belly button?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat could cause pain on the right side of my belly button?


Female, it is a painful pulling/tugging sensation and the only relief I can get is when I press down hard on the area, but sometimes it's hard to isolate where exactly it's coming from because it feels so deep...?


Abdominal pain is a common complaint. I recommend that you make an appointment with your primary care provider. There are many structures in the abdomen that could cause pain. You mention that you have pain to the right of belly button. The organs that could be involved are the intestines, appendix, ovaries, and stomach. For the intestines, it could be inflammatory or an infectious etiology; usually, it would accompany symptoms such as diarrhea and possible fevers. The appendix is attached to the colon and could be inflamed. The pain with an appendicitis can either be around the belly button or right lower quadrant of your abdomen; it is usually associated with abdominal pain with movement, nausea, vomiting and fevers. The female anatomy such as the ovaries could also be affected. There could be cysts that are enlarged during your menstrual cycle. It could be overgrowth of tissue in areas other than the uterus called endometriosis. The stomach could also be affected and could be from indigestion. It is associated with burning chest pain and sour taste in the mouth. You should first make an appointment with your primary care provider to have your symptoms evaluated. They can perform a physical exam to determine what the etiology could be and provide further tests if needed.

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