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"What can I do about memory loss?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can I do about memory loss?


Respected sir, I have memory loss problem everything i forgot.i cant do anything. Then daily i am doing sex.i am not married.


Thanks for your question. Memory loss can have many different causes, and I recommend speaking with your doctor about this question. The most important thing to help fix the memory loss is to stop what is causing it. There are medications, as well as illicit drugs, that can cause memory loss. Additionally, poor diet and too much alcohol can all lead to problems with memory loss. Some medical problems can lead to memory loss as well, such as depression and problems with too much calcium in your body. In more advanced years, Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia can cause problems. Another potential cause is trauma, specifically traumatic brain injuries, although psychological trauma can also lead to problems with memory. If you are having these problems, you will need some help to determine which of these causes is the most likely to be the cause of your memory loss. Obviously, there are many different treatments that can help, but speaking with a doctor is a good first step to determine what can be done to help you in your specific situation. Please eat a healthy diet and get regular sleep, and practice safe sex habits if you are sexually active. Again, please speak with your doctor more about this question.

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