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"Is this internal bleeding?"

ZocdocAnswersIs this internal bleeding?


I was running in gym and my leg started to hurt really bad. Over the next few days it swelled now I have bruises all around my knee that are a deep blood red. When ever I walk, run, jump, anything it hurts really bad. It's been this way for a really long time now. What is it?


It sounds to me that you suffered some sort of injury to your knee. The bruising and swelling around your knee suggested you might have blood inside the joint capsule which can be a very painful experience. If you do have significant blood in the joint, and you cannot remember any significant injury that would've caused this, then other possibilities exist. One condition that can cause this is hemophilia, though it would be unusual for you to just notice this as an adult. What you need first is an evaluation by a physician that can take a very close look at your knee. I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. After a full exam of your knee, your surgeon might decide to order the imaging such as a CT scan, plain films, or maybe even an MRI. Depending on what the knee looks like, your doctor might also decide to aspirate the joint fluid to assess whether or not there is blood inside the joint. Symptoms such as fevers or chills should prompt you to go to the emergency department immediately as this could mean that you have developed an infection in this knee which needs to be dealt with immediately. Good luck.

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