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"Enlarged right supraclavicular lymph node, what could be the cause?"

ZocdocAnswersEnlarged right supraclavicular lymph node, what could be the cause?


i am extremely worried about this, are there any circumstances where a right supraclavicular lymph node can be enlarged from an infection or even hypothyroidism???


I can understand how this finding is worrisome. It is important for your to arrange an appointment with a primary care physician to determine the cause of this swelling. It is not possible to provide an accurate diagnosis without an in-person evaluation. The lymphatic system circulates fluid throughout your body and is connected to your other blood vessels. It helps remove fluid from your tissues and return it to your circulation. Lymph nodes exist through the lymphatic system and serve as areas for cellular components of your immune system to congregate. Although we have many lymph nodes, they are often most easily felt at areas near the skin (above the collar bone, in the groin, in the armpits, below the jaw, and in the neck). Lymph nodes can be enlarged from infections, such as mononucleosis or influenza. A local bacterial infection can cause lymph node enlargement in the same general area of the body. Lymphoma, which is essentially leukemia of the lymph node, can cause lymph node swelling. Other solid tumors can cause swelling of a supraclavicular node. These include breast, lung, and neck tumors. It is also possible the swelling you feel is not actually a lymph nodes. I strongly encourage you to see a primary care physician, as it is not possible to know the cause without an in-person evaluation.

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