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"I have a mass below my cheekbone, what could this knot be?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a mass below my cheekbone, what could this knot be?


I have a quarter size mass in my right cheek. It's right below my cheekbone, extends downward mid cheek, and extends outward within 1.5 inches of my nose. I've seen pcp, dentist, and ent. I've taken augmenting bactrim, and keflex for what they all believed was an infected lymph node. Tx started 6 weeks ago am sits the same size. Becoming uncomfortable and ent refuses to order ct. Referred me to an ophthalmologist to rule out duct that runs below eye clogging..... What could this knot be?


Sorry to hear about your persistent problem. It is hard to understand what your ear nose and throat surgeon is seeing that makes him or her not want to order a CT of this area. Often, imaging is the next step if there is a mass that is not fully resolved after appropriate treatment including antibiotics. If your doctor does not feel that this is appropriate, there may be something more that he or she is seeing that makes him or her less concerned about the problem. Often a referral to another specialist is a way for a doctor to see if there is something different or unexpected that he or she is not thinking about. The area that you describe does have some important arteries and there are also some small nerves that help with the innervation of the underlying muscles that help with facial movement and animation. Any of these could be at the root of what you are describing, but it is important to keep working with your doctor to understand this more fully. It is also OK to get another referral and speak with another specialist if you still have concerns. Please speak with your doctor.

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