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"There's blood in my mucus, what's wrong with my nose?"

ZocdocAnswersThere's blood in my mucus, what's wrong with my nose?


I am a 22 year old female and recently I have had a cold but for the past few days the front of my left nostril is extremely tender and I noticed there is blood in my mucus when I blow my nose.


I am sorry to hear that you recently had a cold and that for the past few days you have noticed some blood in your mucous, and that it has you worried. I am happy to give you some of my thoughts about what might be going on, but ultimately to get the most accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendations, I am going to recommend that you make an appointment with an ENT (Ear Nose Throat) physician. They will be able to take more of a history, and do a focused exam, and are well equipped to diagnose and manage sinonasal problems. When you have an upper respiratory tract viral illness, it causes inflammation of the mucosa, or lining within the nose and sinuses. Often times the mucosa will dry out and become friable, or crack as a result of the infection. One area in particular on the anterior septum (which is the divider in the middle of your nose) is called Kisselbach's plexus. It is a rich vascular plexus on your septum that is the confluence of a few different main arteries. It also happens to be fairly anterior on the septum in a location that tends to dry out and crust when you are sick, or in some people in dry conditions (like the winter season) it will dry out and crack causing nose bleeds. My best guess is that you have some crusting and erythema within your nose secondary to the cold you had and that is what is causing the blood in your mucous. This is usually self limiting and it will heal with conservative measures. The ENT will be able to examine you and determine if this is in fact what is going on.

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