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"How can I best recover from broken ankle?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I best recover from broken ankle?


i am 34/m, fracture came in Ankle. X ray report is like this 'There is a transverse fracture of the tip of the lateral malleolus of the right fibula with overlying soft tissue swelling, Rest bones appear intact, joint space are maintained " now doctor put plaster on the ankle... plese suggest me some dos and dont's to get recover soon. is it big issue..


I am sorry to hear about your ankle fracture. The ankle is an extremely complex joint. Without knowing the full details of the fracture itself or being able to review the film myself, I am not able to comment on the best method of managing this. Other medical issues will also affect your ability to heal. Therefore, I recommend you consult an orthopedic surgeon on the best way to ensure your ankle heals properly. With most fractures, an attempt is made to ensure the fragments bone pieces are properly apposed. This allows your body's natural healing to take place with little change in the normal architecture of the joint. A surgeon would need to review the x-ray in person to determine if any sort of metal pin is required to move the bones closer together. If the bones are properly apposed, then immobility of the joint is usually important to prevent strain on the bones that would impede healing. I encourage you to remain in the cast for the duration of time recommended. You will need to modify the amount of weight you place on the joint in accordance to what the surgeon recommended (no weight bear, partial weight bearing, etc.). Only an orthopedic surgeon can make these recommendations after an in-person exam. You also may need to complete a course of physical therapy. I recommend you schedule an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon.

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