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"I have a sudden severe abdominal/hip pain. What should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a sudden severe abdominal/hip pain. What should I do?


Within the last hour or so, I've had a severe pain suddenly spring up. It stretches from about 2 inches above my left hip, down to maybe a half an inch into my hip. From when it initially started, it took less than 5 minutes for the pain to become unbearable. It's worse when I'm upright, and it sort of dulls to about half the pain, then re-intensifies every couple of minutes. When it starts getting worse again, I get severe heat flashes and nausea. Any insight or advice?


Abdominal pain and hip pain are two common complaints that can have a wide range of possible diagnoses. I suggest that you speak with your physician to obtain an evaluation. The location where you are describing your pain can be from your hip and can include problems with muscle spasm or cramping, bone pain such as that associated with overuse, trauma, or arthritis, ligamentous or tendon pain similarly from overuse or trauma. Depending on your past medical history, one or more of these diagnoses may be more likely. If this is chronic, problems with your knees or ankles can affect the alignment of your hip and cause hip pain. Alternatively, you may be experiencing symptoms originating from your abdomen. Depending on your gender, age, past medical history and other risk factors, this can include ovarian torsion, ovarian abscess, kidney stone, or diverticulitis. Based on the symptoms you are describing, it is difficult to narrow down potential causes. It is not possible to receive a diagnosis without being evaluated thoroughly by a doctor. I suggest that you seek consultation with your physician or nearby healthcare center to further describe your symptoms and obtain a physical examination. Try to describe your past medical history, the timing of when you first started experiencing your pain, duration, quality, severity, alleviating and aggravating factors of the pain.

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