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"What is causing me to feel sick & fatigued?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is causing me to feel sick & fatigued?


Hey I'm a 19 year old female. I've been feeling like there's something serious going on with my body. I've been getting very tired lately even if I get enough sleep, I zone out & start getting confused. When I start the first day of my menstrual cycle or get blood drawn by doctors it makes me very dizzy,confused, an my body gets cold on the inside, & I feel like I'm going to faint. I usually eat something sweet, like a cookie when I get these symptoms then it will make me feel better. I also bleed lightly from my anus when I use the bathroom, I thought maybe I have hemorrhoids too. Sometimes my skin is so sensitive, when I touch my arm i feel slight pain.


Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, your symptoms are all somewhat difficult to pin down when taken together in this fashion, and it will likely require working with your doctor regularly to find the answer that you are looking for. Fatigue can have numerous causes, from low blood sugar to chronic medical problems to poor sleep hygiene and numerous other reasons as well. Having your blood drawn can result in dizziness and confusion for many people, in part due to the volume changes and in part due to the response that many people will have to seeing a needle go into their body. One of the reason that these places provide a sugary snack such as juice and a cookie is that most people tend to feel similar to what you are describing after having their blood drawn or donated, and these snacks make most people feel better. Rectal bleeding is one common symptom of hemorrhoids, as you have suggested, which are quite common. Obviously there are other reasons for this as well, and it is important tot have this checked by your doctor as bleeding can result in anemia that could also explain your symptoms. Please speak with your doctor.

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