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"My eye is swollen and hurting, should I be worried?"

ZocdocAnswersMy eye is swollen and hurting, should I be worried?


Day before yesterday I got hit by a door in my eye area, then it swelled up a little and was paining also. Then i slept for around 3 hours and when awoke, the pain was less comparatively, i went to wash basin and blew my nose, suddenly my affected eyelid got swelled a lot. That day i applied warm cloth on it, and yesterday i went to doctor, he gave me 2 eyedorps, named Zanocin eyedrop & tears plus eyedrop (both to be dropped 4 times a day) , 10 tablets named limcee (for 1 day each) and 6 5mg tablet named "tas bidanzen"(2 for each day, he said you may feel puckish after it, it is for loosening blood at eyelid ). Now today i still cant see any improvement. plz help ....... and is it to worry?


Sorry to hear about your accident! I recommend that you speak with your doctor. The fact that your eye expanded like that when you blew your nose is concerning. There may be more of a communication than normal between your lacrimal system and your nose. Normally, tears drain out through your nose from the glands around your eye. When people have trauma to the rim of bone around the eye, it can be easy for air to spread back and forth between the two. This is one of the reason that doctors advise people not to blow their nose after a fracture to the inferior orbital rim (which can be known as an orbital blowout fracture). In your specific case, it is hard to know whether or not you sustained such a trauma to the structure of the eye or the bony rim or if this is something different to do with the normal drainage and a disruption that could come because of the swelling. Warm compresses can be effective for many conditions that affect the tear ducts in the eyes, and so that may help. If your symptoms don't improve quickly, however, it will be important to return to your doctor and get further assistance. Please speak with your doctor.

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