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"What kind of illness can we get from alcohol?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat kind of illness can we get from alcohol?


Please give me some precise details. Thanks


The best thing to do is to discuss your question with a primary care doctor. Alcohol can cause many medical problems. Alcohol impairs your cognitive abilities and you should never drink and drive. Alcohol is metabolized by the liver. If you are a chronic user of alcohol, you can develop liver disease such as inflammatory liver disease, which can lead to cirrhosis and liver failure. Also, if you use alcohol regularly and suddenly stop, you can develop withdrawal symptoms that could be life threatening called delirium tremens. During the withdrawal period, you can hallucinate, and develop seizures which can affect your brain. If you have these symptoms, you should go the the emergency room. Another problem alcohol can cause is gastritis. Alcohol erodes your stomach lining which can lead to ulcers and bleeding in your stomach. If you are just an occasional alcohol user, simply vomiting from a hangover can cause tears in your esophagus that can be life threatening. These are called mallory weiss tears. As you can see, alcohol can cause many problems and you should avoid alcohol. If you have an addiction to alcohol or need help quitting, you should make an appointment with your primary care doctor or psychiatrist who can provide you with resources in quitting. They can also prescribe medications that could assist you in quitting alcohol.

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